Cashew now on Android!
by Benjamin, 28 Mar 2011

Kawet’s team is still in their quest to democratize the mobile app creation.
We just reached an important step for 30 million Android users around the world. You can now publish YOUR Cashew‘s app on the Android Market!

How does it work?

If you created an iPhone App with Cashew, you can create an Android one just as easily.

Just download Cashew from the Android Market and it’s exactly the same process: Enter your ID / Password and live the Android experience with your own app (ie, for the Kawet app: Kawet/43e8)

Cashew’s platform generates native Android code in addition to the native iPhone code. You control everything from only one website!

Why Android?

1. Market
Today Android confirms its progress with more than 350,000 activations per day in the world.

2. Technology
Android, as well as the iPhone, is just perfect for apps: screen size, browsing, UI/UX are almost the same.

3. Skill
Yoann Basset is a new associate of Kawet. He helped adapt Cashew to his favorite smartphone : Android.

What else?

The big bonuses for creating an Android app on Cashew are:
- No publication delay to see your app on the Android market
- No selection criteria
Within 48 hours after your payment, the app you built will be available on the Android Market.

What’s the result?

You can already download some applications made under Cashew: Kawet, StreetLove, BookLight or Le Camping, which are already available on the Android Market.

You can find every Cashew-generated apps here.

This is just a step for Kawet and Cashew, but an important one.
Keep in touch, more major news is coming! :)