Create your own iPhone apps with Cashew
by Benjamin, 09 Nov 2010

A few months ago Kawet went out from its pod…

We are now proud to announce the official launch of Cashew, our native iPhone app creation platform!

Logo Cashew

This platform requires no technical knowledge at all, but hey, there is more:

- Everything is native, providing apps at the top of smoothness and reactivity you can expect on an iPhone. It’s not an HTML-based generator trying to reproduce the feeling of native apps.
– Cashew is a very modular platform: you can build your apps like a LEGO® game. No templates here: build your own structure, your own sections, your own design.. Your creativity is the only limit!
– Cashew is made up of a website, used to create and manage the design and content of the apps (even once your app is available on the App Store!), and a unique iPhone test platform from where you can test instantly your apps on your iPhone!

We do not ask you any upfront payment: once your are satisfied with your app, we submit it to the App Store.
In the meantime.. Everything is free! You can play with the platform, create as many apps as you want, and test it yourselves (or by anyone else who owns an iPhone) for 30 days!

Cashew supports many features: most of the RSS feed formats, Push notifications, slideshows, YouTube and Brightcove videos, custom geolocation…
Want to try it for real, and see all these features in action? Download our iPhone test platform on the App Store, then enter the following login/pass: Kawet/43e8
Hey, you know what: this app is also available on the App Store. Same app, that you can view through our platform, or as a standalone app.

We are full of ideas for upcoming features, like custom augmented reality and 2D barcodes. Most of them will be free for everyone!
There are many possibilities hidden inside Cashew, and we are very excited to keep working on it, starting with specific adaptations for iPad, Android & Windows Phone 7.

Last thing: our platform is based on many features provided by the Three20 framework, created by Joe Hewitt and now managed by Jeff Verkoeyen. Thank you guys for your tremendous work.
We also would like to thank everyone who helped us over the past months, especially Arnaud, Benoît, Dante and Julien.. And of course Samir, tireless designer, and Mathieu, for the soundtrack created in record time. Thanks mates…

You can now sign up for an early access, and we will send you an invitation code as fast as we can.

Cashew website:
If you already own an invitation code, register here:
If you are already registered, start building apps here:

And test them live using our iPhone test platform:

Images speak for themselves.. Check our videos out!

Go nuts!
The Kawet team